Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The dollar bill

I sat watching the crowd go by. I have never understood how these malls are crowded even on weekdays. I mean, I am jobless, but that woman with the pantsuit, that man in his pajamas and sneakers? Why are they here? Are they killing time, are they meeting someone? Do they have a specific agenda in mind? Or are they simply whiling time away?
I am jobless. I have been for a long time. The money for the chocolate milkshake I slurp comes from the pocket of my mothers dress. Stealing, borrowing, eh? What's the difference when you need the money. I look at the lady sitting on the next bench. She seems hassled. Looks like she is a new mother. Her things are everywhere. The baby in the stroller, the shopping bags down on the floor, with some its contents spilling out. Sparkly things, frilly things, baby things. Her handbag is on the side nearest to me, a Louis Vuitton! Nice. She leans down to get the bag and grabs a tissue out of it. She looks up when she straightens. I smile at her, she smiles back.
A dollar bill falls out. I follow its flutter and see it plaster itself to the floor. She doesn't notice it. Looks like a hundred. She goes back to wiping the baby's face. She smiles and coos at it. She picks the bag and collects the bags, hangs them on her arm and prepares to walk. She stops and turns back. She smiles at me and leaves with her heels clacking on the tiled floor.
I get up as fast as a lightning and rush to the bill. I grab it and look around furtively. Noone seems to notice. For a second I search for the lady, maybe I should give the money back.
I think of the cigarettes and burgers I can get for the dough. Easy money, finders keepers. I tuck it safely inside my underpants. Good day.

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  1. lOL.Nice.I have always wondered what so many people do in a mall too and yes on a weekday,