Monday, May 6, 2013

The protest

I wipe sweat from my forehead. The ground is giving off heat waves and I can see the steam rising from where a few drops of water were spilled. I look around. My boyfriend is on the edge of the crowd talking to a couple of police officers. As the head of the protest, he is assuring them that this will be a peaceful one.
I heave the heavy placard once again. I look at the cement and steel monster in front of me with its many glass eyes. They are so bright it hurts my eye to look at them. In spite of it I see people staring down at us. Wondering about the sense of it all. This corporation is responsible for carrying out tests in nuclear and biological warfare. They carried out tests in a remote part of the country; they thought it would remain a secret. This world that we have, this world that we leave for our children is not safe. And we are protesting against it.
All of a sudden there is a shriek, from the back. No one knows where it is from. We see some company enforcers stand up straight around a girl. She is hurt. This throws us all in a frenzy. A harsh word here, a shove there. We are soon in the midst of a mob. I search for my boyfriend. He has a gash from his forehead. I hold his hand and pull him gently on his feet and take him to the line of corporate and police enforcers.
I stand there with the placard in my hand, not word out of my mouth. The rest of the gang slowly joins in.
We hold our banners aloft. Our protest lives.
"Give peace a chance", "All we need is peace".

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